1) Member Exporter  ( with voting right)
2) Registered Textile Exporter (RTE)   (without  voting right)
Cotton Textiles Products including its blend. They are as follows:
1) Raw Cotton        2) Cotton Yarn 
3) Cotton Fabrics  4) Cotton Madeups
1) Member Exporter 
[Entrance fees Rs.6,000/- + Membership fees Rs. 14,000/- + GST @18% = 
Total Rs. 23,600/-]
2) Registered Textile Exporter
 [Entrance fees Rs.3,000/- + Membership fees Rs. 8,000/- + GST @18%  =
Total Rs.12,980/-]

1) Member Exporter

Annual Export Turnover whether by way of direct exports or through exporters
of at least Rs. 2 Crores (Rupees Two Crores)

2)  Registered Textile Exporter (RTE)

No condition of minimum Export Turnover.

Applicant needs to register on DGFT Website https://www.dgft.gov.in as Importer/Exporter to access the Common Digital Platform. 

The steps to apply for the Issuance of RCMC on the DGFT website are as follows.

1) Click on the Login button on the top right corner of the webpage. 

2) Enter the User Name, Password and CAPTCHA Code and click on Login.

3) Navigate to Services > e-RCMC > Apply for e-RCMC.

4) Click on ‘Start Fresh Application’ or else to continue with Draft Application select and click on ‘Proceed with Existing Application’. 

5) A Dashboard with a username will be displayed with Basic Details.

6) System would ask Applicant for Declaration of whether he/she has updated profile or not.

7) Click on Radio Button then click Yes to make sure you have updated the profile and Save & Next

8) Now under the RCMC Details section Applicant would 

  1. Select ‘Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council’ and select RTE’s or Member Exporter’s Fee Details.
  2. Select Export Products / Services and click Add button to save the details.
  3. Select Authorised Representatives / Department Heads / Contact Persons for the Councils and click on Add Details button to save the details.
  4. Select Other Information under this select the countries to which the Company is Exporting and click on Save & Next.

9) Applicant after filling in all the details now proceed to Attach Documents under Attachments Section (Refer below “DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for RTE & MEMBER) by uploading the document from the Computer folder then clicking on Upload Attachments and finally Save & Next.

10) Now under the Declaration section read all the Declaration Lines.

11) Click the Check box as acceptance of declaration and Enter the Place and then Save & Next.

12) System would show the filled application along with documents uploaded under Application Summary. An applicant would go ahead with the signing process by clicking the Sign button.

13) After that Click Payment for RCMC.

14) Applicant would be directed to the Payment gateway for the payment then click Submit.

15) Clicking Submit Applicant will see the Payment Response Page with Transaction ID then again click Submit.

16) After Successful Payment Applicant will be receiving an e-Payment receipt.

After successful payment and submission of the application, TEXPROCIL will approve your application and issue an e-RCMC. The said e-RCMC is deemed to be valid from 1st April of the licensing year in which it was issued and shall be valid for 5 financial years ending 31st March of the licensing year unless otherwise specified.

View and Track Submitted e-RCMC Applications.

  1. Applicant can view his / her Submitted Application from Track Application Status. 
  2. Navigate to My Dashboard > Submitted Applications.
  3. Select the Type of scheme as RCMC a. Type of sub-scheme as Application for Issuance of Registration-cum Membership Certificate and click on Search.
(RTE & Member)
For all applicants :
Self-Attested copies of IEC & PAN must. GST Number (if applicable)
Company: Self-Attested copy M & AOA, list of directors with their contact
details on Company Letterhead.
Partnership firm: Self-Attested copy of Partnership deed. List of partners
with their contact details on Company Letterhead.
Co-op Society: Self-Attested copy of Bye laws, List of Committee members
with their contact details on Company Letterhead.
Trust: Self-Attested copy of Trust deed, List of trustees with their contact
details on Company Letterhead.
Proprietor: Age Proof of Proprietor i.e. Self-Attested copies of PAN card,
Passport, etc.
For manufacturer Exporters:
Self-Attested copy of Certificate issued by DIC, SSI, MSME (Udyog Aadhar),
Additional document required for Member Exporters only:
Chartered Accountant's Certificate (CA Certificate) for Export Turnover.
Valid for 5 financial years.  (5 years RCMC will be valid subject to Annual Renewal Subscription to the Council)
Every year, after 1st April for the current financial year.
The renewal subscription fee for RTE is Rs. 8000/- + GST @18%- = Rs.9440/-.
The renewal subscription fee for Member is Rs.14000/- + GST @ 18% =
Non-renewal of membership will result in automatic cancellation of the
Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC).
File your Quarterly Export Returns (Including NIL returns).